Art and Interiors Show, Wiltshire

Earlier this year I was delighted to host a show with Paul Martin, the presenter from BBC’s ‘Flog It’, talking about ‘incorporating modern interiors with contemporary art’. This was a connection with my work and the wire sculptures of Rachel Ducker and how they complete and complement modern interiors in, for example Steven Graver’s award winning kitchens.

Unveiled at the show were two different pieces, but a new style of my work.  An image is created using a word repeated over and over again building up and representing the figure in a monochrome type object. ‘Hare-kin’ the hare sold immediately. The other piece, ‘Roar’ is made up of the word Roar used over and over again to form shading.

Also released at the show was a young prancing Zebra against a striking red background across two canvasses which sold; and responding to client feedback, I produced three smaller original leopards in pink, white and cerise red.

The show was attended by 100 people visiting our home in Wiltshire on a sunny spring day. Following the PR from this show, I made great contacts with those that attended and many that couldn’t because of other commitments and the sale of paintings and prints has been fantastic.

I have enjoyed engaging with the people that connected with me on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. If you are not already connected with me, then I hope you do to keep up to date with the progress of my latest work.  I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.