The Hare on the Moon Book exhibition – June 2019

The Hare on the Moon Exhibition 15th and 16th June 2019. I am excited to finally reveal the surprise… The Hare on the Moon is a treasure hunt book! In the beautifully illustrated book, you will embark on a mystical journey, with the hare and the help of the man on the moon, to unlock the star signs and to find the treasures which help to release her.The pages are interspersed with beautiful illustrations helping to guide you. Your mission is to find the clues, identify the required words and find the map coordinates to locate the sacred site. Only the author of this book and her husband know where the important site is, and they enticingly believe it is as likely to be solved by a bright teenager as an Oxford Don. The book will become a family treasure, and will make a very special gift. Publication is due in November 2019, and you can pre-order here.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust show

I was thrilled to host a fundraising exhibition on behalf of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in June 2019. I showcased the paintings for the upcoming book ‘Hare In The Moon’ – beautifully illustrated treasure hunt book, in the style of the the famous 1970’s Masquerade treasure hunt book, which can be pre-ordered here. We raised £1,000 for the lions on the day by selling the Pisces original for £8,000. Following the exhibition, Linda Tucker and ecologist Jason Turner spoke at Bath Spa University, about the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, which has united ancient indigenous knowledge with western science to help save the species.

Cotswold Hare Trail March 2017

I was delighted to be asked to create a Hare for the 2017 Cotswold Hare Trail. A five foot fibreglass hare arrived on my doorstep, a blank canvass to decorate however I liked…it was slightly daunting, but very exciting. I decorated my hare with images from my upcoming book ‘The Hare in the Moon.’

The Official Opening of Devizes Gallery – Saturday 25th April 2015

After a frantic three months in my Devizes gallery, I am delighted to announce that the gallery will be officially opened with Paul Martin, presenter from BBC’s ‘Flog It’, cutting the ribbon at midday on Saturday 25th April 2015.   The gallery will be open from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm for everyone to enjoy the celebrations. My paintings will all be available to purchase during the day and my cards including the latest Seasonal Hare collection will be available in packs of four.  The beautiful wire sculptures by Rachel Ducker, ceramic and miniature hares from Pippa Hill, the ‘oh so collectible’, Loco Glassware and Amy Lancaster‘s hares made from  garden implement’s and old farm machinery will also be available.

Silver Hare Female 1 a painting by Joanna May. Joanna uses silver paint threading through the image giving glamour and a sense of movement to the painting. This is a female hare boxing.

Seasonal Hare Cards available to purchase direct from the Devizes Gallery

Titled Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, I am delighted to announce that my popular Seasonal Hare collection are available to purchase as gift cards.  There are two packs with one card of each painting and the packs are £10.00 each which is amazing value at £2.50 per card.  These packs of cards can be purchased in the Devizes Gallery at 20 High Street, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 1AT.   Spring/Summer includes Cornucopia, Summer Cornucopia, Timeless and A Moment in Time   Autumn/Winter include: Holly, Holly Hare, Aumumn Dance and Dancing Hare

The Awareness of the Hare – 10am to 5pm, Sunday 8th March 2015

Plans are well underway for my next event focusing on the Hare and showcasing my latest Hare painting.  Click here to view more details.  I am delighted that once again, I will be supported by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and they will be presenting a talk on the the Hare at 12 pm The exhibition will unveil a new collection of Hare paintings and drawings created in a modern way, including a new concept using words for shading.  My series of collectible Traditional, Zodiac and Modern Hare prints will be available and my new collection of Hare cards will be revealed! In addition, I will be selling ceramic and miniature hares from Pippa Hill, plus Amy Lancaster’s hares made from garden implement’s and old farm machinery. Invitations will be arriving in your inbox and letterbox in the middle of February.  Please add this date to your diary – 8th March 2015 and keep watching. If you can’t wait for your invitation, then please RSVP to me on [email protected] to let me know that you would like to attend. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Durer Hare by Joanna May. Joaanna's version of the famous painting by German artist Albrecht Dürer in 1502 of the hare. The painting is made out of the word Durer repeated over and over again to create shading.

It’s official – I have opened a gallery in Devizes!

A smaller gallery in Devizes , Wiltshire called Joanna May Art and Gifts – so everyone can afford to invest in a piece of Joanna May. My art will be complimented with my cards, beautiful wire sculpture by Rachel Ducker, ceramic and miniature hares from Pippa Hill, the ‘oh so collectible’, Loco Glassware and Amy Lancaster‘s hares made from  garden implement’s and old farm machinery.  All these gifts and works of art are so so cool and funky, you will just love them. I am so looking forward to opening the doors on Thursday 4th December 2014 and staying open for late night shopping in Devizes, Wiltshire. Please do come and visit us me at 20 High Street, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 1AT.    

Christmas Opening Weekend – 6/7 December 2014

My Christmas viewing weekend will be at my home in Keevil, Wiltshire. 10 am – 5 pm, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th December 2014 Come and enjoy a glass of Christmas cheer while browsing my latest paintings including Heart of Gold – the first in my Lion Heart series. I would love to personally wish you a Happy Christmas.  Please email me on [email protected] to let me know you would like to attend.

Art and Interiors Show, Wiltshire

Earlier this year I was delighted to host a show with Paul Martin, the presenter from BBC’s ‘Flog It’, talking about ‘incorporating modern interiors with contemporary art’. This was a connection with my work and the wire sculptures of Rachel Ducker and how they complete and complement modern interiors in, for example Steven Graver’s award winning kitchens. Unveiled at the show were two different pieces, but a new style of my work.  An image is created using a word repeated over and over again building up and representing the figure in a monochrome type object. ‘Hare-kin’ the hare sold immediately. The other piece, ‘Roar’ is made up of the word Roar used over and over again to form shading. Also released at the show was a young prancing Zebra against a striking red background across two canvasses which sold; and responding to client feedback, I produced three smaller original leopards in pink, white and cerise red. The show was attended by 100 people visiting our home in Wiltshire on a sunny spring day. Following the PR from this show, I made great contacts with those that attended and many that couldn’t because of other commitments and the sale of paintings and prints has been fantastic. I have enjoyed engaging with the people that connected with me on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. If you are not already connected with me, then I hope you do to keep up to date with the progress of my latest work.  I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.