New Map to Go with the Book or Enjoy in its Own Right


The map is beautifully written and illustrated by Joanna,and is A2 ,in size, but folded up to A5, in the pack, along with 7 days of direction sheets to be used on your days out, long weekends away or a week’s Staycation.

  • The map has been designed to enjoy the most scenic route to twelve of our iconic sights around Wiltshire.
  • Look for twelve clues for adults or the family to enjoy, one at each of the twelve landmarks.
  • Collect seven tokens as rewards for the seven-day trips or week’s Staycation ( to be collected from The Joanna May Gallery on route)
  • There are also reward stickers for the children to enjoy (to be collect from the Joanna May gallery on route)

In the map pack you will receive everything you need to enjoy a road trip of the most beautiful scenic views of our favourite landmarks around Wiltshire and beyond. At each destination you can enjoy a beautiful walk to one of the iconic landmarks.

There are 12 destinations:

1.Aveury . 2 Silbury Hill . 3 Kennet Long Barrow . 4 Barbury Castle . 5.Wayland Smithy . 6 Marlborough .7 Kennet Bridge, Marlborough . 8 Pewsey Wharf . 9 Salisbury Cathedral . 10 Stonehenge . 11 Westbury White Horse . 12 Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury.

At each destination there is something fun to look for or a question to answer that can be solved alone, as a couple, or for all the family. The 12 destinations can be completed as day trips, several weekends away, or as a week’s Staycation.

There are 7 Tokens to collect from the Joanna May Gallery in Devizes once you have completed each day plus stickers to wear as badges for the children.

Included in the pack are 7 days of clearly written directions showing the best places to eat, stay overnight, park and enjoy the best views.

Enjoy as a map for beautiful scenic drives and walks, with 12 tasks to complete at stunning, iconic landmarks, for all the family.

It can also be used as an aid to help solve The Hare on the Moon Treasure Hunt book.

Hare on the Moon Map

Hare on the Moon Map

The Map is £8.50 + £1.50 P& P for the UK and £8.50 + £4.50 P&P for the USA and Europe and can be sent in a few days, first class, if ordered through the website.

Alternatively, the map is £8.50 if it is picked up from The Joanna May Gallery Devizes, 16 Northgate Street Devizes SN10 1JL.

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