The Hare on the Moon – A Treasure Hunt Book


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‘The Hare on the Moon’ is a beautifully illustrated treasure hunt book, in the style of the famous 1970’s Masquerade treasure hunt book.

This magical book is hard backed with gold foil borders and embossed flowers and symbols on the cover. All the borders and icons are spot varnished.

For something even more special, there are 500 signed limited editions which are also available to order here.

It is bound to become a family treasure, perfect for coffee tables, and will make a very special gift.

In the book, you will embark on a mystical journey, with the hare and the help of the man on the moon, to unlock the star signs and find the treasures which help to release her. The pages are interspersed with beautiful illustrations helping to guide you. Your mission is to find the clues, identify the required words (which form a sentence) and find the map coordinates to locate the sacred site. Only the author of this book and her husband know where the important site is, and they enticingly believe it is as likely to be solved by a bright teenager as an Oxford Don.

The prize for the first person to correctly identify the location is a beautiful original Joanna May painting – ‘Three Hares on a Golden Moon’ – depicting the famous three hares with the interlinking ears believed to be an ancient fertility symbol. The prize can be viewed at Joanna’s gallery in Devizes and will be awarded to the winner once the puzzle has been solved. It is presently unsolved! 

From the time of your entry of the puzzle solution you will be notified if the answer is correct within 7 days. If you haven’t been notified that it is correct you can re-enter as many times as you like to try and get the right answer.

Key details for the standard edition book:

  • Measures 370mm x 246mm
  • Hard backed with gold foil and embossed cover
  • Spot varnished borders and icons

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You can collect the book from the gallery in Devizes on Thursday, Friday or Saturday 10am to 5pm.

UK delivery (3-5 days) is available for £5.00, for overseas shipping please email [email protected]

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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