Virgo Hare ~ 23 Aug-22 Sep



Medium used – liquid acrylic and gouache

Canvas size 40 x 40 cm with a limited print run of 250

Mounted Paper Print – size 64.5 x 64.5 cm with a limited print run of 250

Framed Print 64.5 x 71 cm with limited run of 250

Virgo has its roots in the Vestal Virgin principle which stresses its importance of maintaining the purity of the individual – the symbol for Virgo is the Virgin.

As the sign of the harvest their task is to separate the wheat from the chaff, the useful from the useless. Through such constant analysis they strive to reach a state of purity.

Kennet Long Barrow was not only used as a burial chamber but also for a temple to worship the goddess of fertility linking it to the symbol of Virgo.

The hare is also the fertility goddess in Celtic belief and sits on top of the long barrow firmly grounding it since it is an earth sign.

At the base of the fields there is a spring amongst the trees, the pure spring water represents the purity that Virgoans strive for.

The phrase ‘you reap what you sow’ sums up the Virgo way of thinking, as well as the signs history. Virgo is marked by continual improvement action and practicality; people of this sign are famously conscientious in all aspects of their lives.

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