Zoo Quest



Medium used – original in liquid acrylic and gouache on boxed canvas

Large Print – size 120 x 90 cm with a limited print run of 50

Small Print – size 80 x 60 cm with limited run of 50

Celebrating David Attenborough’s sixty years in wildlife television is the painting Zoo Quest, named after the wildlife presenter’s first major BBC TV series.

In the first episode of the 1956 series, when David was a youthful thirty years old, he fell for a Borneo orphan, Charlie the Orangutan. One of the purposes of Zoo Quest was to collect exotic wild animals for London Zoo, the accepted practice of the time. Charlie was brought back to the UK and used to begin the orangutan breeding programme.

The painting shows how inextricably linked was the fame of both David Attenborough and the animals he filmed.

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