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Star Gazing Hare

Star Gazing Hare

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Medium used – liquid acrylic and gouache

Mounted Paper Print – size 64.5 x 71 cm with a limited print run of 250

Framed Print 64.5 x 71 cm with limited run of 250

Star Gazing Hare

This is Joanna May's first mystical hare painting.

In Star Gazing Hare the hare is sitting below Uffington Hill on the Berkshire downs in Oxfordshire. The hare is dreamily looking up at the White Horse.

Above the hills is the constellation of the plough in the sky. Joanna chose the plough because the hare is visiting the field after it has been ploughed. The two front stars are called the pointers and would lead up to the North Star. It is as if the hare is being guided by the north star. Above the plough is the tail end of the constellation Draco, (the dragon) and to the left of Draco is Dragon Hill.

To link in with the curves of the hill and reflect the studding of the stars in the sky, Joanna purposely used in this painting modern circular straw bales of hay.

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