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Dürer Hare

Dürer Hare

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Medium used – liquid acrylic and gouache on boxed canvas

Original – size 50 x 50 still available

Large Print – size 50 x 50 cm with a limited print run of 250

Durer Hare

This is my version of the famous painting produced by German artist Albrecht Dürer in 1502 of the hare, which is much loved to this day.

I have produced this version as an ode to Dürer.  My painting is made out of the word Durer repeated over and over again to create shading.

I have been observing the hare for many years. In one of my photographs of the hare, I found that I had taken a snapshot of the hare at the same angle as Dürer’s painting, however, my hare was standing.  I wanted to use the Dürer hare in one of my paintings, so used the photo of my standing hare and recreated it crouching in similar fashion.

This style of repeating words was launched in 2014 with Hare Kin.  This is my second hare painting using this concept.

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