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Leo Hare ~ 23 Jul-22 August

Leo Hare ~ 23 Jul-22 August

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Medium used – Liquid Acrylic and Gouache

Box Canvas - 40 x 40 cm with a limited print run of 250

Mounted Paper Print - 64.5 x 64.5 cm with a limited print run of 250

Framed Print - 64.5 x 71 cm with limited run of 250

The Lion sits proudly on the top of the hill of the Westbury White Horse.

Leo’s are noble, confident, proud and commanding. As the sun is dignified in Leo it shines strongly behind the lion.

Leo’s are romantic, warm, affectionate and loyal, they love to be appreciated – the hare is showing great affection and appreciation of the lion.

Above the sun is the constellation of Leo with the golden star of Regulus (the royal star). I’ve connected Leo with Westbury because of the royal link. The original horse is said to have been cut to commemorate King Alfred’s victory over the Danes.

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