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Purple Leopard

Purple Leopard

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Medium used – liquid acrylic and gouache on boxed canvas

Large Print – size 80 x 80 cm with a limited print run of 50

Small Print – size 40 x 40 cm with limited run of 250

These brightly coloured leopards were launched in 2011. The three colours : Purple, Lime Green and Pink look amazing hanging on a wall in a row. The early three different coloured prints were purchased together at Joanna's solo show at The Savoy, London in 2012 by ‘Old Mutual Bank – to hang boldly in their offices.

Michaela Strachan opened Joanna’s show at The Savoy and fell in love with the Pop Art series.

She wrote: ‘When Joanna explained her London Zoo animal paintings to me I wasn’t sure what to expect. She described it as ‘contemporary pop art”. When I saw them I was blown away. They’re imaginative, unique, bold, totally different and truly wonderful. Wildlife in bright, brave colour, I love it. I love the quirkiness, the cartoon of Winnie the Pooh in Winnipeg’s face. The 'SOS' in the eye of the tiger. The humour in the Royal Lion, it’s all simply brilliant. The unique painting of our majesty in canary yellow is so different, it’s genius. These paintings are wonderfully refreshing and I can imagine nearly all of them hanging in my lounge!!’

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