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Rachel Ducker || Handmade Wall Mounted Figure

Rachel Ducker || Handmade Wall Mounted Figure

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Rachel Ducker has been commissioned for Rolls Royce Aerospace, her work is featured on the programme ‘Grand Design’ where they build a contemporary house on the river Thames, the finished design is filled with her stunning work. She has large installations in the UK and abroad in restaurants and private residences.  A prominent wire sculpture of a figure stands on a landmark roundabout in Henley. She was commissioned to make jewellery for J K Rowling and the Production team in celebration of the opening of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ at the Palace Theatre in London. She has featured in many national papers and magazines, including The Guardian and National Geographic.

With an incredible visually active mind, British contemporary artist Rachel Ducker has an insatiable desire to create and make. Well-practiced in life drawing and with an appreciation of the human form and the emotional dynamics of human nature, combined with being originally trained as a jeweller, lead her to experiment with wire as a medium for sculpting the human form, capturing something ephemeral, either emotive or active.

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